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Case Study: Adjust Your Set

-  In 2009 we were tasked with helping online video agency Adjust Your Set market itself through PR among potential clients, partners and peers, to assert its unique offering, support new business and create a solid platform for growth in 2010/11.

-  Commercial objectives included increasing the number of anchor clients, enlarging the agency three-fold, moving into new sectors and increasing the volume of work.Online video was a relatively unknown area, meaning we needed to educate the media. Plus, the owners were very time-poor, as they were hard at work growing the business.

-  As the client base was relatively small, there were unlikely to be many news stories, so we had to be proactive to generate coverage.

- We communicated a compelling positioning for Adjust Your Set and developed a set of key messages that stood out, were believable and provable. We engaged clients in a conversation with Adjust Your Set, targeting vertical priority new business sectors such as retail, and those to which online video was of most obvious benefit.

- We established the concept of v-commerce, proving the value of online video in building brand awareness, customer engagement and sales.We used Adjust Your Set’s brilliant work for Marks & Spencer’s M&STV and other clients help the agency win awards and generate speaking opportunities.

- As part of the thought-leadership programme, we recommended writing a White Paper to establish Adjust Your Set as the voice of choice on online video and v-commerce, using Red Dog’s writing talent and our in-house designer to give it stand-out. It would also give us a good reason to talk to core media when there was a lack of news to impart.

- Adjust Your Set won three more anchor clients in Debenhams, Thomas Pink and

- Trade coverage alone reached 6.5 million, the business and national coverage reached 215 million, and when we add in all of the blogs and smaller titles the total coverage exposure was 236 million.

-  On average, we achieved eight pieces of coverage per news story and two thirds of coverage referred to them as online video pioneers, video specialists or multi- platform video specialists.

- Two years on, the agency has tripled in size and as a result has been able to hire a full-time, in-house PR person. A bitter-sweet victory for Red Dog but proof that PR builds your business!

“As a new type of agency in a rapidly changing world, Red Dog really helped get our message out to the wider world.”