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Case Study: Brand Alley


- Launch News International’s first digital JV – BrandAlley – to the UK market – a unique ‘member get member’ online boutique offering short term, high end

fashion ventes-privées (private sales)


- Engage both the fashion and lifestyle media – in particular the opinion forming London press – as well as the business and trade press to drive advertising – despite the challenge of part ownership by rival/parent NI


- Fundamentally drive membership among opinion formers and ultimately sales among general consumers



- An exclusive house party was held at the notorious 33 Portland Place in London’s West End, the stunning 18th century townhouse now owned by the flamboyant entrepreneur Lord Edward Davenport, for all target media as well as fashionista opinion formers – the key was to seed the brand with those that mattered



- Over 300 partygoers attended from the media, fashion and music  worlds including Pixie Geldof, Alice Dellal, Ben Grimes, Jodie Harsh, Horror’s front man Faris Badwan, and Bond girl Gemma Arterton


- Press coverage spanned fashion, lifestyle, national, business and London media Commercial success – In the fortnight after launch, BrandAlley saw it double targets on basket spend, and unique visitors have gone up consistently 100 times over


- “This is the type of agency that you can rely on to go above and beyond-the-call of duty. Throughout the launch they provided sound strategic input, an aspirational creative vision and tireless campaigning to get the best results possible.” Melissa Littler, Marketing Director