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Case Study: De Paul funding



Generate awareness of the work of a relatively unknown homeless charity, DePaul Trust and increase its funding


Showcase first-to-market technology that the ad agency Publicis had created with the world’s first interactive TV ad




Through our contacts, we matched the agency and charity with a broadcaster. In this way, the ad was made for free and it was broadcast, allowing all partners a platform to achieve their business goals without a penny changing hands


As the ad was only being shown once in Hull, the PR reach needed to be much greater. We devised a PR plan and angles, based on one ad and its game-changing technology, that extended the story over more than nine months and benefited all parties




The charity was given a prime-time ITV slot for free, reaching as many viewers as possible who donated directly through their TVs


The PR campaign resulted in over 70 articles and broadcast features globally. Ultimately, the story ran for more than three years.


The charity took the coverage to the bank, and showed the appetite for what the charity was doing. HSBC tripled its funding as a result.


Agency and broadcaster gained substantial recognition for their use technology, propelling its directors into the industry spotlight, genuinely aiding their careers.


The ad won an entire shelf of global industry awards.


“The greatest value of the ad turned out to be the astonishing PR profile it generated for the charity.” Dave Redfern, Director of Fundraising, DePaul Trust