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Case Study: DePaul intolerance



Improve community relations in Gravesend, as residents and retailers were very hostile to a new homeless hostel for young people, set up by The DePaul Trust


The campaign needed to improve community relations, prove the value of young people to residents and the importance of difference in society, whilst stressing how important it is not to dismiss people because of their situation or circumstance


In short, the campaign needed to articulate the damaging effects on a community when young and homeless people become isolated




A website documenting the history of the local area was built by the young people in the hostel, and Eastenders actor Shaun Williamson was recruited to unveil the site to the local community and media




Only local Gravesend press was targeted and the result was a week of blanket local coverage, including Gravesend News Shopper, KM Extra Gravesend, Gravesend Messenger, Kent News Shopper and BBC Radio Kent


The launch significantly increased the positive work of The DePaul Trust in the Gravesend area and dramatically reduced the negative feelings towards the hostel


Due to the increased profile for the charity, a number of local organisations and businesses approached with offers of partnership activity


Shaun Williamson was so taken with the charity’s work that he decided to continue working for the charity on a long-term basis