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Case Study: Diva Beach

- Diva Beach was a nightclub launching on the Fulham Road on a site that had failed in the past and was known for being a dive


- Diva Beach wanted to be different, a shining light in amongst the dingy dark boxes of club-land. It wanted to appeal to women, be luxurious but not exclusive, offer fabulous service and NOT resort to paparazzi PR like everyone else


- Diva Beach was launching just as the credit-crunch was truly biting…Would anyone be interested in a glamorous Chelsea night-club?


- We seeded news of the launch among Chelsea, fashion and society influencers and held a special preview event to make them feel in the know before everyone else


- We then held a packed press launch, inviting all the most influential style, gossip and luxury press and then came up with a plethora of creative media angles for every conceivable title and pitched them in relentlessly!


- We created a marketing pack for events organisers to boost downtime


- We worked closely with partners Moet and Russian Standard Vodka


- We wrote all the club’s marketing plans and materials, advised on positioning, design, website, menus – in fact every piece of external communication – ensuring a consistent and clear brand


- The press packs and invitations were as beautiful as the club, and achieved two packed-out launch nights, with every major newspaper and magazine represented


- The spring-board of the launch events created strong relationships with press and influencers alike, enabling us to pitch non-celebrity ideas to gain extensive coverage across all key media nationally and internationally


- Most importantly, the club was full every night and profitable within three months


- The venue is now in high demand for corporate events, filming and photo shoots, making sure the business does not rely solely on club night revenue