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Case Study: TBWA\London DASL


- Take a piece of bespoke advertising, created for a Marie Claire article about binge drinking among professional women, and amplify it through PR for the benefit of the charity and agency


- Demonstrate TBWA’s philosophy of ‘Disruption’ by identifying the conventions of anti-binge drinking and pro-responsible drinking advertising and disrupting them


- The result was a much more powerful piece of advertising, focusing on women’s immediate concerns over their looks rather than long-term health concerns



-We achieved wide-spread coverage for the charity and the agency in trade, national and broadcast press including The Mirror, the londonpaper and ITV’s Loose Women, who engaged in a ten-minute discussion about the subject with several on-screen credits


- DASL were delighted with the attention their small and relatively unknown charity had achieved


- The share of voice achieved for TBWA/DASL ad far out-weighed the Government’s own campaign, due to the new approach and startling creative, at zero cost to the client and minimal cost to the agency.