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Case Study: The Viral Factory


- Get recognition for the most famous viral marketing agency in the world that no one had heard of


- We devised a series of ‘killer facts’ to use when speaking to journalists, including the fact that The Viral Factory’s brilliant work has been seen  by over 2.5 billion people, and that they created the first ever truly viral film


- We turned the senior team into THE experts on viral and social media activation


- Two years down the line, it’s about getting them noticed on an international level


- Over the last two years the company has become the voice of choice on viral/social media. We even had four different pieces of coverage in one issue of NMA, including a profile for Matt Smith, one of the only agency’s ever to be featured in that slot.


- The following pages show some of the coverage we got for individual campaigns, like Diesel SFW XXX, LED Sheep and Wilderness Man, as well as profile or comment pieces in everything from BA’s in-flight mag to Radio 4’s The Media Show.


What the press say about The Viral Factory now


“Digital marketing superstars” – The Independent


“Superstars of viral” – New Zealand Herald


“Viral marketing masters” – The Reel


“Masters of the online splash. Their strength lies in their identification and subversion of internet memes. The Viral Factory don’t make advertising for themselves, or the rest of the industry. They make it for actual people.” Contagious


What The Viral Factory say about Red Dog

“I would only recommend Red Dog to those who truly deserve the incredible quality of coverage that they’ll inevitably deliver by the shed load.” Toni Smith, MD, The Viral Factory


“You guys are a mirror of our own awesomeness.” Matt Smith, founder, The Viral Factory.