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Case Study: Vice VBS TV


- Launch Vice Magazine’s new online TV channel VBS.TV, driving advertiser interest and revenue across all of Vice’s businesses


- Position Vice as a trail-blazer, creating a platform from which to launch further new ventures


- Raise the profile of Andrew Creighton and Matt Elek as Vice’s figurehead spokespeople


- By leveraging the launch of VBS.TV as a strong news story, we were able to educate and inform influencers about the breadth of Vice’s offering through a series of in-depth interviews with Vice’s senior management


- The campaign captivated the media, driving Vice’s senior management to the immediate attention of the sector, and establishing them as the talked-about team of the moment


- Focused coverage spanned thought-leading titles from Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, to Reuters, Media Week, and The Independent


- Core national and trade media who previously were unaware of the scale of Vice, were converted and eager to know more – the perfect platform for future announcements


- Viewing figures grew exponentially while still in Beta and the channel attracted new and even blue-chip advertisers to create major AFP opportunities, including Dell, who went on to launch Motherboard with Vice as a result