Red Dog

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Red Dog hired by National Trust

In a world first, The National Trust is handing over responsibility for one of its working farms to 10,000 members of the public. MyFarm, a digital community farming experiment, involves the 10,000 ‘farmers’ playing a key part in decisions throughout the year at Wimpole Farm in Cambridgeshire – you can sign-up here

Red Dog has been brought on board to assist with digital strategy, and recruit journalists and bloggers to become some of the 10,000 farmers.

Participants in the experiment will get a behind-the-scenes insight into how the 1,200 acre organic farm operates, with the website including video, webcams, live webchats, debates and opinions.

Fiona Reynolds, Director-General of the National Trust, said: “As the country’s biggest farmer – more than 80 per cent of the 250,000 hectares of land under our care is farmed in some way – it’s our role to re-connect people with farming to promote better understanding and greater protection for the land on which we all depend. To achieve this, there’s nothing better than giving people a direct stake in the experience of farming. We hope MyFarm will give people a window on that world and help them on that journey.”

Richard Morris, the National Trust’s Farm Manager at Wimpole, said: “MyFarm is Farmville for real: real farming decisions with real farming consequences. By influencing the work at Wimpole our Farmers will start to understand the effects and implications of their own decisions. They will also witness first-hand how unplanned events can turn a profitable year on its head.”

Sam Espensen, partner, Red Dog added: “Food and farming are two subjects very close to our hearts (and stomachs!) and the whole team is proud to be a part of the project. It’s a real digital experiment and it’s going to be fascinating to watch it unfold.”