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Public creates Adult Swim site

Non-conformist comedy channel Adult Swim is launching a new UK website to deliver more content and offer a more personalised user experience. Developed by digital creative agency Public, the site offers users a highly customised and intuitive experience when viewing their favourite Adult Swim videos and games online.


As the main point of audience contact, parent company Turner Broadcasting wanted the site to deliver an engaging experience, helping it to establish a stronger, more unified brand presence in EMEA markets. Public worked closely with the internal creative team at Adult Swim to ensure the site reflects the unique brand, while allowing the content itself to also stand out.


Public designed an interactive site, including a ‘content suggestion’ feature and ranking system, so viewers can easily find the most popular or latest programming. As the users rate the shows, they will collectively determine where each appears on a list of overall content.


An additional challenge was to create a link between the solitary action of using a personal computer and the social action of enjoying comedy. Comedy is something to be shared, therefore the new site encourages users to find and share their favourite material through the addition of feeds to and from social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


After seven months of development, the site is now live for UK audiences. It will be rolled-out to 11 EMEA countries later in the year, including France, Germany and Sweden, each with location-specific content. To enable a multi-staged implementation, Public developed the site using the open-source content management platform Drupal.


On average, eight new episodes of award-winning shows such as Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Tim and Eric Awesome Show will be shown on the UK site each week. Related content such as short clips, games, blogs and competitions will be added on an ongoing basis.


Rhydian Fisher, Managing Director, Public comments: “Comedy is an experience best shared and the new site will help hand over control of how, when and with whom the audience choose to share that comedy. By giving some control of the brand and the content to the users Adult Swim will harness the power of social networks and communities. This kind of honest, open approach to marketing brands is going to be increasingly used to great effect by forward thinking companies.”


Caroline Casey, Director of Digital Development, Adult Swim said: “Adult Swim is non-conformist comedy at its best, so developing a website that allows our fans to enjoy our content how they choose to is essential to us. We are delighted by the new platform and look forward to sharing Adult Swim videos and games with current and new fans across EMEA.”