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Rose Wilkinson

Account executive

A self-confessed dictionary and thesaurus junkie, Rose has been playing with words since she was very young.

She grew up in Italy, where she a) got a tan and b) learnt French, Italian and German, before returning to the UK to study English Literature at The University of Bristol. After graduating, she worked in a hotel for a while, but missed having words in her life, and went on to train as a journalist at News Associates, Wimbledon.

Following that, she realised her calling was in harnessing companies’ key messages and maximising their impact by crafting them into a persuasive line of copy or two.

She started her career as a PR writer for Michelin, ATS Euromaster and other transport-industry clients at B2B agency Garnett Keeler, where she also worked on an international charity account, Transaid.

Rose now works across Red Dog’s media/marketing portfolio, with clients including devilfish, Grey London and The Marketing Store. She loves nothing better than (in this order) reading the papers, mingling and getting her paws on a juicy story.