Red Dog

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“I would only recommend Red Dog to those who truly deserve the incredible quality of coverage that they’ll inevitably deliver by the shed load.” Toni Smith, MD, The Viral Factory


“You chicks totally rule. You have not only secured STREAM/ a shit load of press but helped to take away my fear of journalists, taught me about interview techniques and introduced me to some great contacts. We’ve worked and played hard and I’ve enjoyed all of it. I know that sometimes I can be a demanding pain in the ass, but that has not fazed you at all.” Gemma Newland, former MD,
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"I love working with the team at Red Dog - not only are they efficient, helpful, and quick to send me relevant info as soon as I need it, but they're also friendly, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to deal with." Pip McCormac, Commissioning Editor, The Sunday Times' Style Magazine


“The Red Dog crew are worth their weight in gold. They are smart enough to understand exactly what I need as a journalist then deliver it way before my deadline. As a result – you take their pitch calls seriously. Half the pitches journalists get aren’t even read. If these guys call, I take
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