Red Dog

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Client Testimonials

“I would only recommend Red Dog to those who truly deserve the incredible quality of coverage that they’ll inevitably deliver by the shed load.” Toni Smith, MD, The Viral Factory


“You chicks totally rule. You have not only secured STREAM/ a shit load of press but helped to take away my fear of journalists, taught me about interview techniques and introduced me to some great contacts. We’ve worked and played hard and I’ve enjoyed all of it. I know that sometimes I can be a demanding pain in the ass, but that has not fazed you at all.” Gemma Newland, former MD, STREAM\


“We get complex briefs on challenging subjects, aimed at resistant audiences. Red Dog knows how to help us reach them, making them a key part of our NHS strategic comms team.”  Gary Lawton, CEO, Dr Foster Intelligence


“Global Cool worked with Red Dog on our summer 2009 campaign which focussed on four of the biggest UK music festivals. I found the team to be extremely motivated, positive and full of life. They were tenacious about creating media opportunities for Global Cool both on-site at the festivals and off site.” Naomi Segal, Campaign Director, Global Cool Foundation


“You guys are a mirror of our own awesomeness.” Matt Smith, Founder, The Viral Factory


“Red Dog are tireless agents and shameless pimps for your brand.  You’ll feel the attention; you’ll benefit from the coverage.”Tom Morton, former Executive Planning Director ,TBWA/London


“We worked with Red Dog at four of the largest UK summer festivals of 2009 on the Global Cool Bus Tour, and really found the team great to work with. Although the PR element was a difficult job as there were many variables (not least dealing with artists and their managers, and dragging them from their safe back-stage dressing rooms and tour buses to the Global Cool Bus) Red Dog nailed it, leaving the artists, their managers and Global Cool all very happy with the level of quality media they received. ” Tim Spears, Sevens7


“Red Dog got to know our people, our clients and our creative work, and genuinely tapped into how the agency ticks. Having invested significant time and energy from both sides, we were able to see the best ways in which to structure our relationship. It required minimal time from the management team but delivered great coverage, good profile-building for our people and achieved all the key goals we have set.  Oh and the acid test, it also works when there’s a crisis!  Red Dog are very self-sufficient and with minimal (but effective) input from us, we managed both proactive and reactive PR to a high standard. Nikki McCulloch, former Marketing Director,TBWA/London


“What we do at DJhistory ranges from pretty specialist muso stuff, to books and music releases with really broad appeal. Red Dog are smart enough to know the difference, and have the hook-ups to get results on any project we give them. They take the time to understand the job in hand, rather than just hammering away blindly at it. And they don’t shy away from a party either.”Frank Broughton, owner DJ History, author of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


“The team at Red Dog are the most pro-active PRs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thorough in their approach, quick to tie into the news agenda and insistent with media when selling in. I recommend Red Dog highly and can’t wait to work with them again.” Claire Wigington, head of marketing, Portland TV