Red Dog

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Journalist’s Testimonials

“I love working with the team at Red Dog – not only are they efficient, helpful, and quick to send me relevant info as soon as I need it, but they’re also friendly, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to deal with.”
Pip McCormac, Commissioning Editor, The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine


“The Red Dog crew are worth their weight in gold. They are smart enough to understand exactly what I need as a journalist then deliver it way before my deadline. As a result – you take their pitch calls seriously. Half the pitches journalists get aren’t even read. If these guys call, I take the call. They know their stuff.” Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times


“People don’t often say they love PR companies – and that might be because, on the whole, they’re a fairly unlovable bunch. Nevertheless, we at The Reel are not ashamed to say that we love Red Dog. Proper love. Heartfelt love. We love the way that they know their client-base inside-out and tell us what we need to know before we even knew we needed to know it. We love the way that no matter how busy they are (and boy do they get busy) they always have time to deal with our requests and say things like ‘I’m sure we can’ or ‘No problem’ rather than ‘probably not’ or ‘*insert rude word here*’. We love the fact that in the event of a zombie apocalypse we’d have their back and they’d have ours. In fact, we almost don’t want to tell you how much we love them because you’ll love them that much too and might steal them from us. Please don’t.” Jamie Madge, Editor, The Reel


“Contagious is run by a busy team of individuals researching and documenting one of the least understood areas of marketing – the move towards digital media, not merely for technology’s sake, but as a genuine and effective creative strategy. Since its inception, our contacts at Red Dog Communications have appreciated not only the benefit of keeping us up to date with new campaigns and developments, but also the relevance of those developments to our publication. Put simply, they’ve read our magazine, and they understand exactly which stories are right for us. Plus, they’re fiendish on a deadline. Highly recommended.” Jess Greenwood, Editor, Contagious


“Red Dog produce tailor-made fun for journalists. Fun of the high end kind. Most PR companies make their mistakes either by sending out press releases with the substance and sparkle of soggy Ryvita, or else by behaving like the unpopular kid at school that sat down next to you without invitation, stroked your face and declared they were your best friend. Sam and the team are different. They are genuinely passionate about their clients, and you can’t help but feel that they might like you a bit too (this is a sure fire way to confuse a journalist, but in a good way). They cut out all the crap that makes reporters want to check the spam filter on their email and leave their phone off the hook. It’s because they have great instinct and a grasp of the zeitgeist that you’ve got their number on speed dial. They are friendly. They are clever. They are creative and insightful. They know their stuff. They’ve thought of every detail. It’s no surprise they are successful: they’re bloody great people too.” Mary Bowers, Reporter, The Times


“Red Dog are one of the most approachable agencies I’ve worked with, always a happy voice on the end of a call and an applaudable work ethic, to not only promote their products but to engage with journalists on a personal and professional level.” Carl Palmer, Reporter, The Mail on Sunday, Live Magazine